KO Propo Grand Prix Sept 24 Weekend 2016

Not sure if it is the HEAT, but we seem to be having an issue with a Cell Tower in the area today. Apologies for the buffering.

Sunday Mains

Video Here

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Mains Start at at 8:30 AM PST
15 Minutes - 8:30
10th Scale Expert 1/4 - Even
10th Scale Expert 1/4 - Odd
GT8 - C Main
Masters C Main
8th Scale Expert 1/4 Even
8th Scale Expert 1/4 Odd
20 Minutes  - Approx 9:40
10th Scale Expert Semi - Even
10th Scale Expert Semi -Odd
Sportsman B
GT8 - C Main
Masters C Main
8th Scale Expert Semi Even
8th Scale Expert Semi Odd
30 Minutes - Approx 12:30
10th Scale Final
Sportsman A Main
GT8 A Main
5th Scale A Main
Masters A Main
8th Scale Expert Final