Takaaki Shimo Wins at the KO Grand Prix

Mike Swauger 2nd - Walter Diaz 3rd

KO Results with lap times

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KO Propo TQ's

Takaaki Shimo - 8th Scale Expert

DJ Apolaro - 10th Scale - Walter Diaz GT 8 - Phil Goodwine - 5th Scale

Pepe Velez - Masters (Not Shown) Blame the Photographer

10th Scale Expert

DJ Apolaro 2nd - Walter Diaz 1st - Blake Bell 3rd

GT 8

Joaquin Desoto 2nd - Walter Diaz 1st - Brian Thomas 3rd


Otto Rosa 2nd - Dana McKee 1st - Reynalds Kam 3rd

5th Scale

Craig Kaplan 2nd - Phil Goodwine 1st - Frank Pena 3rd

Sportsman A Main


KO Results