We're Baaaack

At least for now this is what GLARCRC is looking at for 2020. The second half of the year is fluid because of Metro plans for the lot but as of today by the President of the Club we have been given dates to schedule through June

2020 Schedule

Jan 18th-19th Club Race
Feb 1st-2nd Club Race
Feb 29th - Mar 1st Cancer Benefit
April (TBD) Possible Race at the Long Beach G.P.
May 2nd-3rd Possible Electric Event
June 6th-7th Club Race

Saturday will be Practice for Club Racing weekends with racing on Sunday. Other formats will be provided for those events.


GLARCRC Points Series Awards


3rd - Brad Rasmussen - 1st - Pepe Velez - 2nd - Jeff Rold

8th Scale Open

3rd - Kyle Goodwine (NP) - 1st - Robbie Cerrato (NP) - 2nd - Dana Smeltzer

10th Scale Open

3rd - Al Lopez - 1st - Jose Casas - 2nd - Bryce Butterfiedl (NP)

5th Scale Open

3rd - Frank Pena (NP) - 1st - Craig Kaplan (NP) - 2nd - James Stuard


Current Race Results




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