Club Racing 2018

Club Race #2 for the season ran just as smooth. Starting on time, finishing at a good time, lets see if the Prez can keep this up. Great weather again and the wind stayed away this time. Three rounds of racing (Again) woo hoo. We had 10th Scale, 8th Scale Masters, 8th Scale Open and 5th Scale. We had some changes on track times and some came close to knocking off the previous race times.
8th Scale Open: 16/4:01.436 - Chris Verano holds on to the record but Dana Smeltzer was knocking on the door with a 16/4:01.918, 10th Scale Expert: 15/4:16.516 - Chris Velez, Mike Strack is the new Head Honcho with a 15/4:11.844, Masters: 16/4:13.690 - Pepe Velez, Pepe holds off Jeff Rold's shot of a 16:4:14.301. Moto Ishibashi keeps his 14/5:08.859 in GT8 and Craig Kaplan takes over the new time in 5th Scale with a 15/5:15.037

GLARCRC Club Points Champions. Click on the Headlines link for the Pictures.

GLARCRC Points Series Awards


3rd - Brad Rasmussen - 1st - Pepe Velez - 2nd - Jeff Rold

8th Scale Open

3rd - Kyle Goodwine (NP) - 1st - Robbie Cerrato (NP) - 2nd - Dana Smeltzer

10th Scale Open

3rd - Al Lopez - 1st - Jose Casas - 2nd - Bryce Butterfiedl (NP)

5th Scale Open

3rd - Frank Pena (NP) - 1st - Craig Kaplan (NP) - 2nd - James Stuard


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